Topping off the window Seat

As long as we have been talking about the window seat, my dad has been tossing around this idea of using a wooden door as the top.  Like many other ideas, I didn’t understand it, but decided to let him run with it.  As always, it was the right decision.  Last weekend, my mom and brother found a solid wood door at the Covington Reuse Center for a grand price of….. $10.  After trimming the door to fit into the space, we set it in, and it looked immediately perfect- as though it had been there all along.

ImageThe window seat has turned out exactly as I pictured it.  It’s amazing what my dad has been able to do with some 2 x 4’s, a cabinet, a door, some trim, and some paint.  The window seat, as you see it below, is one of my favorite additions to the house.  The price for putting it in, including materials…


About $60.  No question that this was money well spent.















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