Weeknight Baby Steps

The morning after the National Championship, I told my dad that my attention was now 100% focused on the house, because I’m ready to get this done… I wasn’t kidding.  I have been over there each night this week after work, and while what I’m accomplishing might be small, petty stuff, it frees up the weekends for more significant progress.

At night this week, I cleaned cold air returns and spray painted them white, sanded the living room walls, began patching the holes that my uncle had to cut in the fireplace wall to run the cable, and pulled the staples from the floor in the pantry.  While this is decent progress for weeknights, none of it is particularly picture worthy.

The only picture-worthy accomplishment I had this week was the hallway closet.  If you recall, this was a storage closet originally, which was much more of a necessity before the bathroom had its own cabinet.  I couldn’t reconcile with having no coat closet in the house, because I know my coats would be strewn everywhere… let’s be honest, they probably will be anyway, but the coat closet will be appealing to future buyers who are better at putting their coats away than I am.  Thus began the process of converting the storage closet into a coat closet.

I don’t believe I bothered to take any pictures of the inside of the closet as it was originally which, in retrospect, is unfortunate, but probably seemed like a strange thing to take pictures of at the time.  That closet had four shelves, a carpeted floor, and was a very, very dirty color of beige / white.  I started by pulling out the carpet and removing 3 of the 4 shelves (leaving the top one).


Next, I had to patch the places where the removed shelves had been.


After sanding off the patches, I rolled on a much-needed coat of fresh, white paint.  This, in itself, was something that probably could been a Tosh.0 web redemption (for those of you readers over 50, I apologize for the pop culture reference going over your head. Let’s just pretend I said ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’).  The closet was just deep enough to require me to get in it to reach the back parts with the roller, and just narrow enough for avoiding the wet painted walls to be a challenge.  It was a pretty tight fit and relatively nerve-wracking, as I tried to paint one side without brushing up against the others with mere inches to spare. 

One coat of paint made all the difference in the world in making this closet look less nasty.  It’s hard to believe the whole house once looked so faded and dirty.  With the closet looking fresh, clean, and new, I continued with my newly-discovered flooring expertise and continued the floor from the hallway into the closet.

ImageAfter work today, I’m going to stop and by the hanging rod so that I can install it tonight or tomorrow, which will be the last step except adding a toe strip around the baseboards.  While a coat closet may not be a significant accomplishment, it was indeed an item checked off the list of remaining tasks, and it only took a matter of hours after work this week that would otherwise have been spent watching ‘Game of Thrones’ (the newest tv series to suck me in… blame Erica).

Ready for the weekend and further progress…














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