Almost to the Home Stretch

Between Easter Sunday and the second coming of the Black Plague that my parents have been fighting for the last three weeks (knocking on every piece of wood around me that I have avoided it), the progress last weekend might seem minimal at first glance.  Despite his fever, aches, and dizziness, my dad reported for work and still managed to put in a full day, even if less energetic than normal.

On Saturday morning, I was one of the first people in Home Depot and left soon after with a hanging rod for the hall closet.  The hall closet is now 99% complete, needing only a toe strip around the base board.

ImageI never expected this closet to be complex or difficult, but I must say, I also didn’t expect its transformation to take a total of about three hours. Not a bad “wasting time” task…

The most significant progress we made this past weekend was getting the entire living room skimmed with drywall compound, due to a much-appreciated visit from my brother.




These walls were great shape compared to the kitchen and front bedroom.  The kitchen took three coats, and I believe that the front bedroom may have taken four.  After a single coat, these walls were good to go.  I plan to go sand them as soon as I’m done with this post, so that I will be freed up to paint another night this week.  The sooner we paint, the sooner we lay floor, and the sooner we lay floor, the sooner that the major work stage comes to an end.  The living room will be a different place in a 7-10 days, and I can’t wait to be at that point.

While Casey and I were drywalling, my dad painted the top of the window seat in the back bedroom and installed door hardware for the window seat and closets.


Not bad looking for approximately $65 (adding in a few for the door handles).


I’ve said it many times, and I’m sure I’ll say it many more; I couldn’t be happier with how what was once a stack of produce boxes from the Greyhound kitchen turned out.

In the late afternoon hours on Saturday, some great progress was made that wouldn’t have been possible without the cheapest laborer of all: my grandpa…. and by cheapest, I mean that his pay is one or two (but never more than two) of these:   He has been a huge help in this project, not just with his frequent visits and inspections, but with the painting of woodwork.  He will probably be quick to trivialize it and comment on how little time it takes him, but the fact of the matter is that it is a huge relief to come home after work to painted baseboards and crown molding that is ready for us to install on the weekends, instead of taking the time to paint it ourselves and wait for it to dry.  Last week, we got a painting station set up for him:


After two weekday visits from my grandpa, all the crown molding was painted and ready to be hung, so that is what we did during my dad’s afternoon rally on Saturday, beginning with the back bedroom.

Image  Image

ImageThat’s all for now… time to sand some walls.


One thought on “Almost to the Home Stretch

  1. Home Depot opens at 630. They must have been closed for a two hour staff meeting that morning if you were one of the “first people in Home Depot”. 😉 Things are coming together nicely. Now that I’ve knocked the rust off my woodworking skills (upside down in the saw, left is right and right is left when cutting inside mitre), it will go faster.

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